We enable employees to put
equality into practice

Equality is a practice – it’s something employees do, which is why employees need to know how they can behave in a way that is inclusive. Through our customised Allyship in Action™ program, Success Partnership Series for Men™ and Discovery Labs™ we provide employees with tools they need to tackle everyday behaviours that are sexist, discriminatory, and exclusionary. This includes enabling employees to have difficult conversations, give and receive feedback and identify how they will commit to change.


Becoming aware starts with measuring cultures of equality and our individual differences when it comes to behaving and leading at work. At Equality Forward we have measurement tools to support this.


All men and women can take steps to understand how the barriers show up at work by actively managing the inequality moments when they happen. This includes managing informal interactions, which create inequality and using these experiences and opportunities for employees to learn. We reveal how inequality works at work through our virtual or in-person inequality workshops like our discovery labs, and barrier boot camps.


The aim for every organisation is to embed equality as a practice. That is to make equality the way leaders lead, employees, behave, and workplace work. Becoming aware of inequality and understanding how this creates challenges for all employees engages leaders to take action. Our inclusive leadership development and inclusion coaching program enable leaders to embed equality within their teams, departments and organisation.