We assess, develop and enable leaders to
create cultures of equality

Every day leaders get to decide how employees will experience the organisation – this is a privilege. Regardless of how many people you manage or level of seniority, as a leader you get to decide how women will be valued, how men will engage, and how all employees will be treated. Leaders also have the esteemed opportunity to enable the men and women who work for them to put equality into practice every day – something that only those in positions of power get to do.

This is the definition of leadership: empowering all women and men to meaningfully contribute to their organisation by enabling them to use their different talents and capabilities and valuing them for this. Equality stops and starts with leaders. The call for leaders to advance equality at work is really an invitation for them to lead.

When leaders do not practise inclusion or own the cultural transformation processes then companies tend to adopt off- the-shelf diversity and inclusion solutions, which have limited impact and often do not result in long term cultural transformation.


Leaders need to disrupt their denial about difference, and different experiences of working life, by creating awareness of how inequality reveals itself in their organisation. Becoming aware starts with measuring how leaders enable cultures of equality to thrive through the behaviours they engage in. At Equality Forward we have measurement tools and development reports to support this for leadership teams and individuals.


To solve inequality, leaders need to understand how it is experienced in their team, department, and organisation. This includes understanding how these experiences are created from systemic barriers that exist in the organisational culture. At Equality Forward we have a range of development programs for leaders to build a foundational knowledge of inequality for every leader.


The aim for every organisation is to embed equality as a practice. That is to make equality the way leaders lead, employees, behave, and workplace work. Becoming aware of inequality and understanding how this creates challenges for all employees engages leaders to take action. Our inclusive leadership development and inclusion coaching program enable leaders to embed equality within their teams, departments and organisation.