Business Operations

Make D&I a part of your company's DNA

A crucial part of our mission at Equality Forward is to mainstream inclusion within existing business operations so it becomes a fundamental way of working. Our Inclusive by Design™ offering meets the challenge organisations face to integrate diversity and inclusion into everyday operations successfully. We work with organisations to review their core processes and identify operationally relevant ways to adopting a diverse and inclusive interventions within their business operations to ensure their products and services meet the diverse needs of customers.

Inclusive By Design™

Our Inclusive By Design™ approach is a structured methodology, drawing on business improvement principles derived from Lean and Six Sigma, which define, measure, analyse and improve the integration of inclusion and diversity within existing business processes and operations. We collaborate with organisations to perform rigorous diagnostics on core business practices and processes—both internal and external—to identify where the inclusion gaps exist.

Actionable insights are developed from the review, which improve performance by optimising diversity and inclusion practices within existing businesses processes. We also work with organisations to implement interventions that will mainstream inclusion as a business practice, through education coaching and collaborative sessions.

Our Inclusive by Design™ programme includes three key offerings:

  1. The aim for every workplace is to mainstream inclusion, until it becomes a fundamental way of working. We work with companies to review existing business practices with an inclusion and diversity lens to consider how equality can be integrated within existing operations, like innovation, advertising, and supply chain management.
  2. Companies that wish to outcompete their peers will need to meet the diverse needs of their consumers. To achieve this, we review the design process used to create products and services within organisations to identify the diversity and inclusion gaps that exist within research, developmental implementation processes.
  3. We evaluate the inclusive impact existing products, services, and processes have using a data driven approach. Specifically, we measure the impact of businesses processes and offerings on the end user and identify opportunities for businesses to improve their inclusive impact.

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