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Based on two decades of experience and research, we have built diagnostic tools, workshops, coaching and development programmes that will challenge and engage employees and leaders to build cultures of equality.

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We Build Cultures of Equality

We bring together research, experience, proven strategies, and solutions to create cultures of equality so that every employee feels valued and that they can be themselves at work. We have leadership, culture and people assessment tools, development programs, inclusion coaching to support any organisation with building a workplace culture that values difference. We also offer a range of equality strategy development workshops for diversity and inclusion practitioners and train the trainer sessions.

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Assessing, developing and building
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From our Founder and CEO Michelle King

Creating a culture of equality is not a ‘nice to have’, it is a fundamental business imperative. The number one barrier to advancing diversity and inclusion is the denial of inequality at work, which is the belief that workplaces work for everyone in the same way. When employees believe workplaces work for everyone in the same way, because everyone is the same, they deny difference and different experiences of working life.

For example, a 2018 study conducted by Business in the Community found that 33% of black employees believe their ethnicity will be a barrier to their next career move, in stark contrast to just 1% of white employees. The challenge is most leaders do not know how to create cultures of equality, or what it means to lead in an inclusive way. Likewise employees do not understand what it means to practice inclusion as part of their job.

Companies cannot simply launch off-the-shelf solutions and expect results. Instead, they need to treat inclusion like any other business priority by engaging men and women to own the solution, which requires three key elements:

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Leaders need to disrupt their denial about difference, and different experiences of working life, by creating awareness of how inequality reveals itself in their organisation.​

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To solve inequality, leaders need to understand how it is experienced in their team, department and organisation.​

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To solve inequality we need to treat it like any other business problem. The aim is to make equality the way leaders lead, employees behave and workplaces work.​

At Equality Forward, we bring together research, experience, proven strategies, and solutions needed to develop every individual’s ability to practice inclusion and value diversity. Creating cultures of equality, where employees can be themselves at work and will be valued for that requires rigorous assessment and substantive solutions, which is where we can help. Get in touch today and discover how you can make equality the way your workplace works.

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If you’re looking for an expert on the topic of culture, gender and equality at work, then you have found the right person. With nearly two decades of experience and five degrees, Michelle comes armed with a wealth of knowledge and, more importantly, practical advice from having worked with numerous organisations and experts in this area.